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Woodstock Ghost Walk

Haunted History Walking Tour of Woodstock, Illinois

The most famous resident of the jail in Woodstock’s historic courthouse was convicted murderer James Dacey. He was imprisoned in a basement cell, tried in the courtroom above, and then hung outside on a gallows platform made specially for this singular event. According to newspaper accounts, for the two years Dacey awaited his execution, he often howled throughout the night, waking town residents. Although Dacey was finally executed on July, 22nd 1886, some say he never really left.



  • Learn the truth about Woodstock’s most famous ghost.
  • Hear strange, but true tales from the lives of famous entertainers who got their start in Woodstock like Orson Welles and Ed Asner.
  • See where notorious murderer James Dacey was executed and his ghostly presence lingers.
  • Enjoy the most charming spots in this historic, little town under the cover of darkness.
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