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Encounters from Guest Authors

Ursula Bielski's Stories

  Chicago Haunting’s stories from Ursula Bielski (recognized by Chicago History Museum), holds many of the discoveries, recordings of historical events, first-hand recordings of personal ghost encounters, an introduction to many of Chicago’s ghosts, detailed history on some of the most haunted places in Chicago like hotels and zoos. Ursula found Chicago Hauntings and used her research and the research of other well-respected researchers such as Erik Larson, Diane Ladley, and more. Ursula authored nine critically acclaimed books detailing Chicago’s dark history and paranormal documentation. Discover her personal stories and articles on the paranormal world of Chicago.

Guest Writer Rick Hale: The Chinnery Backseat Driver

The Chinnery Backseat Driver:  Still Controversial by Guest writer Rick Hale In 2004, the Sci Fi channel released a reality TV show that would forever change the field of psychical research. The show was “Ghost Hunters.” I won’t lie; I was excited about this new show.  I thought, “Finally, a TV show that’s going to...Continue reading
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