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Ursula Bielski

Chicago Hauntings Articles

  See the light shine on the dark, mysterious, and supernatural stories that lurk in the shadows of Chicago. Uncover guides to some of Chicago’s paranormal places and spaces, the dark and rich history behind the city, and more about the eerie figures that inhabit Chicago. Stay and be chilled and enchanted by the bone-chilling truths behind the windy city.  

The Haunting of Joliet Prison: The Prison Cemeteries

Gangsters & Ghosts: Chicago’s Top 5 Haunted Mobster Sites

Gangsters & Ghosts: Chicago’s Top 5 Haunted Mobster Sites Gangsters and ghosts are like peas and carrots in the annals of Chicago’s haunted history. Mobsters like Johnny Torrio and Dion O’Banion, Bugs Moran and—most famous of all—Al Capone, thrived during the Prohibition era, as they did battle with rivals for control of “turf” in the...Continue reading
john hancock chicago haunted

Strange Angles: Haunted Chicago Architecture

Chief Black Hawk
“He’s on the Wall!” : the Strange, Ghostly History of Chief Black Hawk
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