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In Search of the Bell Witch

The Infamous Bell Witch Tour

We are in search of the Bell Witch! The story of the Bell Witch is one of the most infamous in American ghost lore. We want to explore it with you and take you to the infamous Bell Witch Cave one of America’s Most Haunted Places.  Travel with Chicago’s Ghost Hunter, Ursula Bielski on the last weekend in October to this fabled place to learn the legends and lore of the infamously haunting Bell Witch.

This is no ordinary Chicago Hauntings Ghost Adventure. This special Bell Witch tour will include transportation all the way from Chicago to Clarksville, TN. From there you will enjoy two nights accomodation in Clarksville, Tennessee, a welcome dinner in Adams County, a tour of the Bell family graves, two top notch theatrical productions at the Bell Witch theater festival. These two productions, “Smoke” about the Tobacco wars, and “Spirit” about the Bell Witch will lead us into our visit to the Bell farm, a reconstructed cabin, and then finally to the exploration of the infamous Bell Witch Cave. Join us in search of the Bell Witch!

The cost for this tour is $330 per person, round trip, for double occupancy. Add $60 for single occupancy.

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