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Aurora Hauntings Ghost Hunt

Embark on A Haunted Walk in Aurora, Illinois

Like a hand pushing up from the grave to grab your ankle, Diane Ladley’s award-winning ghost tours of Aurora return to thrill guests with the hair-raising, true history of our haunted neighborhoods.

Explore the “City of Cemeteries” with EMF ghost meters on this two hour ghost walk tour of Aurora’s thriving downtown. Stepping silently from the railroad’s haunted, 150-year-old roundhouse to Aurora’s Riverwalk and Stolp Island, you’ll shudder at tales of shocking murders, ghastly crimes and lost souls.

aurora ghost tour paramount theater ghost hunt
Ghost hunting at Aurora’s Paramount Theatre

It’s one thing to hear the spooky tale; it’s quite another to physically stand at the actual location where one of the city’s darkest events of the past occurred. And it’s even far more than that when your electromagnetic field (EMF) detector provided by the tour suddenly starts to flash and beep, which makes you wonder with eerie, hair-raising fright…Is the ghost of the tale standing next to you, listening about their own tragic demise?

Aurora Ghost Tour Guide Diane Ladley
Award-winning ghost tour guide and author, Diane Ladley
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