Intriguing New Ghost Photograph from Bachelors Grove Cemetery! What do you think?

About a week before this was written, I was intrigued by a photograph captured by my friend Tim Jones, a paranormal investigator who will also be training to host our Chicago Hauntings Tours.  As you probably know, Bachelors Grove Cemetery has been known for its anomalous photographs for generations.  In fact, I believe the only published academic research done there was done by my colleague Jim Houran and various of his team members (including myself in a much younger day), starting in the 1980s and largely concerning experimentation in photography.  The experiment I worked on with Houran was published in the Journal of Perceptual and Motor Skills and determined that, in fact, more instances of unexposed (black out) photographs tended to be taken at Bachelors Grove than at other other locations in the experiment, which could be interpreted as “anomalous” based on the contextual cues of the “haunted” location.                                                                      

Bachelors Grove Cemetary 1991

Indeed, one of the most famous “ghost photographs” ever taken was captured at Bachelors Grove Cemetery in August of 1991 by Judy Huff, whose infrared image of a diaphanous woman in white sitting on a tombstone base has caused a sensation, been verified by film and camera companies as inexplicable, and continued to be a point of heated and wondering conversation about the paranormal.

Continued Paranormal Documentation in Bachelors Grove

Many, many fascinating photos have come my way over these many years–a great number of them from travelers to Bachelors Grove.  A significant number are most unusual.  As are Tim’s.  I’ll let him tell you how he came to take them, and then you can see them yourself and decide what you think:

  “I have always been drawn to taking pictures of older headstones in cemeteries.  I attempt to capture the history in pictures that the weathered, faded, often times broken headstones are longing to tell. A couple years ago this passion of mine lead me to a new way of trying to hear and tell the stories that reside in cemeteries, ghost hunting.  While ghost hunting I find that I am able to offer a form of communication with spirits who I feel are looking for a way to be heard or noticed.  The first ever haunted cemetery I investigated was the infamous Bachelors Grove Cemetery in Midlothian IL. 

   On Saturday, April 20 I returned to Bachelors Grove Cemetery with my ghost hunting team, In the Presence of Others Paranormal.  While investigating I wanted to take the first picture with my new Polaroid camera of one of the more iconic headstones at Bachelors Grove,  the headstone that says so much with only two words, Infant Daughter. After taking the picture I quickly put it in my backpack as it needs a dark place to develop.

  Before leaving I looked at the picture and I got goosebumps when I saw the white mass to the left of the headstone.  It was an overcast day and where the white mass was, there wasn’t any sun shining through the trees so I felt I could of captured something special. When I got home I took a picture of the original, expanded the picture and I was speechless when I saw what looks like a woman’s face in the middle of the white mass. Could the face in the picture be that of the ‘White Lady’ or the Madonna of Bachelors Grove?   Every time I capture a picture, voice or video evidence of something paranormal while ghost hunting, I am very appreciative that on that day I was used to help tell a story.”

  What do you think about what Tim captured?


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