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T O U R   M E N U

C H I C A G O  G H O S T S

Resurrection Mary 
 St. Valentine's Day Massacre
Archer Avenue 
Bachelors Grove 
John Dillinger
Limestone Ghosts
The Eastland Disaster 
The Iroqouis Theater 
and Death Alley 
Ghosts of Prairie Avenue
Bishop Muldoon
The Luetgert Sausage 
Factory Murder 
H.H. Holmes (The Devil in the White City)
The Hancock Building and "Ghostbusters" 
Wrigley Field and the 
Curse of the Billy Goat 
Vanishing Hitchhikers 
Rosehill Cemetery 
Graceland Cemetery  
Rico D's 
The Willowbrook Ballroom
St. James-Sag Cemetery
Kaiser Hall 
The Curse of Streeterville 
The Museum of Science 
and Industry
Leopold and Loeb
Ghosts of the Cook County 
Forest Preserves 
Robinson Woods
Hull House
Al Capone
O'Hare Airport
La Llarona 
Archer Woods Cemetery
Marshall Field and Co. (Macy's) 
Navy Pier and The Lake 
Michigan Triangle 
Seaweed Charlie and 
Calvary Cemetery

Mount Carmel Cemetery and 
Julia Buccola

Frank Leavy's Hand of Death 
The Music Box Theater

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Specialty Tours
Offered in Addition to our
Classic Chicago Hauntings Tours

Chicago: Dead & Undead

A Walking Tour of the Windy City's Haunted Sites, Crime Scenes & 
Strange Tales.

May through September

These 2-hour walking tours are led by professional historians and paranormal investigators who have made Chicago's history and mystery their life's work.  Join our guides for one of three installments of an interactive and up close look at some of the most historically notorious and spiritually-infested areas of the city.  

Tuesdays: South Loop Dead & Undead: Step into the shadows of fabled Prairie Avenue, home to Chicago's movers and shakers after the Great Fire.  Explore the storied Levee vice district,  trace the beginnings of the career of Al Capone, and look for the vanquished souls of the bloody Fort Dearborn Massacre.  Meets at Kroll's Tavern, 1700 S. Michigan.

Wednesdays: Lincoln Park Dead & Undead: Wander the thousands of unmarked graves in Chicago's vanished City Cemetery; discover the truth about "Candyman" and his Cabrini Green kingdom; hear tales of the legendary Suicide Bridge, and revisit the site of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre and a tragic case in the Tylenol murders.   Meets at the Chicago History Museum, North & Clark Streets.

Thursdays: Loop & Near North Dead & Undead: Discover what lies beneath Chicago's Millenium Park; hear the truth about the death of "Resurrection Mary;" travel to the sites of Chicago's Iroqouis Fire and Eastland Disaster; and learn the troubling realities behind some of Chicago's most iconic structures.  Meets at the old Chicago Water Tower Visitors Center. 

$34.50 per person (includes County taxes and fees).

May through September. Rain or shine! Please dress for the weather and wear walking shoes.

For reservations, click here.  

OR CALL 773-733-2711

g..g…g…ghosts! 7-HOUR
Every last Saturday of the month
12pm to 7pm

Join us for a very special day of in-depth touring through some of the most haunted sites in the Chicago area, when we'll visit graveyards, murder sites, mystical sites and more. Bring your cameras and tape recorders, dowsing rods and gauss meters, and--most importantly--an open mind.   If you don't have any equipment, don't worry. We'll have some to share, and we'll show you the fundamentals of some of the easiest tools of ghost hunting.  We'll stop for an early dinner at one of the most haunted roadhouses in the nation, and hear some of the most bone-chilling stories Chicago has to offer.  BYOB allowed on bus for this tour. Please, no hard coolers. 

$70 per person (plus county tax and fees)  includes full tour with Ursula Bielski and special guests, special stops, and dinner. (Drinks not included.)

For reservations, click here.  

OR CALL 773-733-2711

HH Holmes

HAUNTED by HOLMES Ghosts of the White City & Victorian Chicago

With Adam Selzer

Imitated by many, this is the original tour inspired by the phenomenonal best seller, "The Devil and the White City," Erik Larson's brilliant look at the minds behind the best and worst achievements of Victorian Chicago.  We'll travel through Prairie Avenue - home to Chicago's Victorian-era rich and famous. We'll explore the site of the notorious "murder castle" of horrific serial killer H. H. Holmes.  Afterwards, we'll steady our nerves in an atmospheric - and haunted - Victorian-era tavern. Wear comfortable shoes and warm clothing, and bring a poncho or umbrella (in case of rain) for our walk through the former fairgrounds--Jackson Park-- to the Wooded Island.

$44 per person (plus county tax and fees) includes full tour with transportation.

For reservations, click here.  

OR CALL 773-733-2711

Corpses & Curses! 
The Friday
the  13th Tour
Every Friday the 13th
With Ursula Bielski 


The curse of the Billy Goat, the ill-fated architecture of the Hancock Center and Marina City, the damnation of Streeterville by its headstrong namesake, the legend of 666 N. Lake Shore Drive: explore these and more on a sinister tour of Chicago's most lasting runs of bad luck, hexes, jinxes and curses.

$42 per person includes full tour, special stops & trivia prizes. BYOB ok. Please, no hard coolers.

7pm each Friday the 13th

For reservations, click here.  

OR CALL 773-733-2711