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Seaweed Charlie and Calvary Cemetery

Seaweed Charlie, otherwise known as "The Aviator," is one of the most often seen phantoms on Chicago's north shore. Charlie is believed to be the ghost of a young pilot whose plane went down during military training exercises over Lake Michigan in World War II. While Charlie's plane was recovered, his body never was; however, his ghost has been seen literally dragging himself, soaked and covered in seaweed, across Sheridan Road, along the rocky shore of the Lake at the Evanston border, towards the gates of Calvary Cemetery.  You can find more on Seaweed Charlie in Chicago Haunts: Ghostlore of Windy City and more about Calvary Cemetery in Graveyards of Chicago, both by Lake Claremont Press.  You'll also find great information and photos for Calvary Cemetery at http://www.graveyards.com

Ursula Bielski